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Band of the Moment: Plastic People

Band of the Moment: Plastic People Groove-rock is a term that isn’t heard as frequently as deserved. The idea of soft rock with a psychedelic element that replicates a dance motion seems a concept too interesting to imagine. However, Plastic People are the London duo that have released, ‘Gripping Reality’ the four track EP that ticks all the grunge, rock and groove boxes. After playing Reading Festival last year on the Jack Rocks stage, Plastic People are starting to make their mark in the upcoming world. EP opener, ‘Feel Right’ is the heaviest on the EP with tight beat destined to be the head-banger of any set they play showing possession of qualities like King Nun. The nostalgic melodies and the grotesque yet cleansed vocals set a confusing tone to which direction the band are heading but I can’t help but look forward to finding out.

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